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Graduate Students

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Dakota Brockway
Neuroscience PhD Candidate

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Avery Sicher
Neuroscience PhD Student
Physiological Adaptations to Stress T32 Training Fellow

Research Technicians

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Keith Griffith

Grace Smith
incoming Biomedical Engineering PhD Student (Fall 2022)


Dani Lopez Melean

Undergraduate Research Assistants


David Starnes
Biology (Major) 
neuroscience focus
Schreyer Honors College

Andrew Kacala
Biology (Major) 
Schreyer Honors College

Farzad Azarmi 2022
Biomedical Engineering PhD rotation student
(lab: Nanyin Zhang)

Brody Moyer 2018-2022
undergraduate student, Biology
currently: staying for the summer then backpacking! 

Corey Zimmer 2019-2022
undergraduate student, Biobehavioral Health

Veronica Sendao 2019-2022
undergraduate student, Biology
currently: Research Assistant,
Evans Biomedical Research Center

Boston University School of Medicine
(lab: Kevin Thomas)

Arielle Duerr 2021-2022
research technician

Kathleen Meeks 2021
Neuroscience PhD rotation student
currently: PSU Neuroscience PhD Program
(lab: Chuck Geier)

Nigel Dao 2018-2021
research technician
currently: NYU Neural Sciences PhD Program
(lab: Adam Carter)

Malini Suresh Nair 2018-2021
undergraduate student in Vertebrate Physiology
& research technician
currently: Wake Forest University Medical School

Sarah Magee 2016 - 2019
undergraduate student, 
Millennium Scholar, Biology
currently: UNC Neurobiology PhD Program
(lab: Melissa Herman)

Alex Bourcier 2016 - 2019
undergraduate student, Schreyer Honors College, Biology
currently: UCLA Medical School

Lab Alumni