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postdoctoral fellows

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Dr. Laurel Seemiller
NIH F32 NRSA Fellow
Department of Biology and
The Center for Neural Engineering

Dakota Photo.jpg

Dr. Gwen Burgess
joining March 2024
Department of BIology

graduate students

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Grace Smith
Biomedical Engineering
Master's student

2022 University Graduate Fellow


Avery Sicher
Neuroscience PhD Candidate

President, Huck Graduate Student Association
NIH F31 NRSA Fellow
previously: Physiological Adaptations
to Stress T32 Training Fellow

2020 Huck Graduate Fellow



Julio Flores Cuadra
Neuroscience PhD Program
(co-mentored with Drew Lab)
2023-2025 Physiological Adaptations
to Stress T32 Training Fellow

2022 Huck Graduate Fellow

Victoria Nudell
Penn State College of Medicine MSTP
Molecular, Cellular and Integrative
Biosciences PhD Program

Nudell, Victoria.jpg


keith photo for website.png

Keith Griffith
Research Technician
PSU MSTP incoming class of 2024


Amir Siddiqui, Psychology and Biology

Roy Wu, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (Schreyer Honors College)

Kaleah Tuttle, Biomedical Engineering (Clark Scholar)                                            Damini Nair, Biology (Schreyer Honors College)                                 

Emily McDonald, Biological Sciences & Health Professions                   

Erin Wolfanger, Biology (Schreyer Honors College)                                  

Obi Nnabugwu, Biomedical Engineering (Clark Scholar)                                        Matthew Springer, Biology (Schreyer Honors College)                                    

undergraduate students


Harrison is 8 3/4 and working very hard to be allowed to do things in lab   



future lab members

lab alumni

Nigel Dao 2018-2021
research technician
currently: NYU Neural Sciences PhD Program
(lab: Adam Carter)

Malini Suresh Nair 2018-2021
undergraduate student in Vertebrate Physiology
& research technician
currently: Wake Forest University Medical School

Sarah Magee 2016 - 2019
undergraduate student, Millennium Scholar,
currently: UNC Neurobiology PhD Program
(lab: Melissa Herman)

Alex Bourcier 2016 - 2019
undergraduate student, Schreyer Honors College, Biology
currently: UCLA Medical School
Andrew Kacala 2021-2023
undergraduate student, Schreyer Honors College
currently: still hanging out in lab

Dani Lopez Melean 2020-2023
research technician
undergraduate student, Millennium Scholar, Biology
currently: Data analyst, Plant Village

David Starnes 2020-2023
undergraduate student, Schreyer Honors College

currently: Cooper Rowan Medical School

Renee Laurenzana 2022
ECoS SROP visiting student

California State University San Marcos
currently: ASU Neuroscience PhD Program

Brody Moyer 2018-2022
undergraduate student, BMB

Corey Zimmer 2019-2022
undergraduate student, Biobehavioral Health

Veronica Sendao 2019-2022
undergraduate student, Biology
currently: Research Assistant,

Boston University School of Medicine
(lab: Kevin Thomas)

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