Postdoctoral Research Scholar

The Crowley lab is recruiting a postdoctoral research scholar. Competitive pay, professional development funds, and exciting science! Email Dr. Crowley for more information

Graduate Students

The Crowley Lab will be accepting rotation students from the Neuroscience PhD program and Biology PhD program. Contact us for more details.



Undergraduate Research Assistants

We are always looking for talented undergraduates to join the lab. Students have the opportunity to work in the lab as volunteers, for research credit, and for Honor's Thesis projects/credit. 


If you are interested, please email Dr. Crowley with your prior experience, any relevant coursework, an estimate of how much time you are willing to commit, and why you think The Crowley Lab lab/this research is interesting and a good fit for you. Please note, not all course schedules lend themselves to meaningful research time, and be sure to talk to Dr. Crowley about your class schedule.

The Crowley Lab is committed to the idea that socioeconomic status should not be a barrier to gaining experience in the lab. All undergraduates in the lab who apply for funding (put in the effort) are guaranteed summer support by the lab - regardless of if their grants are funded.